let me go

Do you know what's going on?

Yes, because this was the conversation he had been wanting to have this week. He was human, why couldn't he just be left alone?

With the loss of powers or are you going on about something else?

Loss of people.

At least she got straight to the point. It beat around the whole playing around it that she started doing before in their first conversation. The one that may as well have landed into an argument, with poking and prodding. He wasn't interested in the situation where it did not effect him. Yes, he cared, he was guilty, but not for these people. They were those that were part of this. Whatever they had to go through was on them. Everyone went through it and he was tired of it. That time in Buffalo had told its own tale.

Did they snatch your people up this time?

He wasn't the hero, he wasn't the villain, why did this have to effect him? Just because the man held a conscience, that did not mean that it was all encompassing. This wasn't how he worked or what he wanted to bother with. He had a life, a career to uphold, a private party for only him to enjoy the fact that he was mother fucking human!

They took a lot of people. Can you help or not?

What do the powerless have to do here that the cops can't?

It's like last time.

Now that is the moment that his attention was finally piquing. Like last time. The whole of what began their little conversations that lasted over stupid details of notes he hated owning. A time that was nothing but stale and stagnant air left inside of a hospital together. A group of people.

This whole thing was going to gravitate towards one giant disaster, he knew it. That was the only honest truth here and anyone could see it. Random people used as pawns to lure them in. Events, timing, it was all set to get them in one spot and locked inside. Others were acting like zombies in the area, mindless, possibly soulless for the way they acted. He knew a lot about being soulless, if only that included him given how this all went.

But now he was dragged into this. Michael, whether it was Morgan or Morbius, he was here and in full alert. If this happened like this, they could be next. He could be next. There was no want or need of another escapade like that. His powers, abilities, they all led to him being able to handle the area without as much issue or strife. Not that it helped her plead her case. The way her own bruising and marks had held during that time. Yes, that was why he had been staring. Doctor first. No one could admit otherwise, given how he was behaving. He had enough troubles beyond ripping some human's head off. Interesting tidbit to meet a guy that calls himself Batman. Sorry about all that bat experimentation...

He didn't have his mesmerism, but he could look, stake out areas, check scents. The way he could follow blood, it was still akin to the truth. It only didn't make him hungry like it did before. No salivating embarrassingly in front of people without realizing it or staring at it like his last meal as a starving man.

Infra-red and knowledge of what those men smelled like previously. There was no way he would ever be able to go a day in his life and not recall that. He had been one of their victims, more than a time or two. The ongoing joke about playing Princess Peach, where he was in no way about to go dressing up like a princess, let alone a woman at all. There had been enough of a load dropped on his head, but tracking was easier. Having to deal with how he knew there was a lot of others in the area near the same time, made it uncomfortable.

What were all of these people going to do other than end up in the same position? Or worse? A full on fight for their lives with innocent people in the middle. These people weren't superheroes, they were regular people. What were they thinking? His own hearing, he didn't want to know, he didn't want to pick up on anything. But he knew enough that this wasn't a coincidence. The way they all sat there. He was stuck on duty.

Even after everything was over, he ended up in this position again. A favor. He supposed that alone could have bartered his interests, to a degree. Who was to say what good use could come of it at a later time. But the story was what pulled at him. A mother. He had one once. He still did. Between the two men, he wanted nothing more than for that woman to be safe. In one life, she died of cancer, and the other was back in Colorado wondering why her son wouldn't visit any longer.

It broke him. The idea of it, to even dwell on, there was no turning this away. He would offer help where ever it was wanted or needed. The consequences were as high as ever. People that weren't like them mattered too. They mattered more. This was their place, their home. Family was hard enough to come by. He recalled last year and the passes he set up for someone else to get out. Her family needed to be safe and that was number one on the list here. His priorities were set and straight, a line of honest truth and neutrality. People was where things moved for him. More than an oath, an honor. The way that things should be if ever they could have changed back home. Not by him, but for all others. If only people didn't see so black and white. Another life, another time, and that left here, was only ticking down and away. Minute by minute, second by second.